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Terre Haute Music School

Our teachers want to help you learn the styles you want to play.

Why Choose Terre Haute Music School?

#1 Experience and passion

Highly educated music teachers with over 30 years teaching experience. In addition, our teachers want to help you learn the styles you WANT to play. We will talk to your child to find out exactly what his/her goals are and work to make those happen.

#2 Free performance experience

More performance opportunities than any other music school or studio in the Wabash Valley with 2 formal recitals, 11 mini-recitals, area teacher recitals, and retirement home recitals every year. More performances helps students learn to deal with stage-fright. Many studios charge a “recital fee” to participate. All our performances are FREE to registered students.


Saturday theory classes available FREE to all registered students. Many studios charge an additional fee for this instruction. Our studio cares about developing the full talent and potential of a child and minimum cost to the parent.

#4 No long-term contracts

No long-term contracts. All students are month-to-month. We are the only studio in the Wabash Valley to offer preschool music classes on a month-by-month basis.

#5 achievement and reward system

You will keep track of your progress through yearly Achievement in Music evaluations. In addition, each student can earn rewards for completing tasks throughout the year.

#6 fits your schedule

Lessons at all times of the day. Many adults and home-school students prefer to come for lessons in the morning or early afternoon. We have times available from 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

#7 lessons for children of all ages

We offer lessons for all children in the family. Our Musikgarten classes are for ages 1-6 years. Private and group lessons available for ages 5 and up.

#8 location location location

Located on popular Wabash Avenue, our studio is less than a mile from Indiana State University and downtown Terre Haute. We have free parking in the back of the building. There is also a side alley that can be used to drop off and pick up using the side door.

#9 watch a lesson or relax in our free wifi lounge

Our clients enjoy a spacious, professional parents’ lounge with comfortable chairs, kids toys, Wi-Fi, and magazines. Or, if you prefer, you can sit in on their lesson anytime you like.

#10 in person and online options

You can choose to take lessons at our location or on-line lessons from the comfort of your home.

What are people saying?

My daughter has been taking lessons with Dr. Browne for 3 years and looks forward to her lesson each week. Dr. Browne is amazing with children and creates an environment that is friendly and inspiring. It has been such a joy working with her and witnessing my daughter learn the art of music.
Kristy L.
We enjoyed your class very much. And you have such patience, which you definitely needed in that class! You are a wonderful teacher.
Angie H.
My daughter took piano lessons from Lynette Browne for about 7 years and we were extremely impressed with her teaching. She is great with kids and has a passion to see kids succeed. Although my daughter decided to let piano lessons go, We will forever be grateful for the experience and friendship we grew with this instructor!!!!!
Rhonda T.